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Submission Guidelines

Caterpillar + Butterfly = Caterfly

Between where you and where you want to be

Trish Gillham, an abuse and loss survivor, developed Caterfly Magazine to help other survivors of all kinds create strategies and set goals for their lives.

Sometimes when your life takes an abrupt turn, you get stuck in the muck that gets left behind. To get out, you need a plan - that's where Caterfly excels.

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What we're looking for

We are looking for short stories, articles, interviews, and memoirs that support our goals and help people take actionable steps toward getting out of the muck. Even just deciding to take a step is taking a step. 


  • 500-1000 word memoirs

  • 1000-2000 word interviews

  • 750-2000 word articles

  • 1000-2500 word short stories

Subject Matter

  • Overcoming Trauma

    • For example - Injury, abuse, addiction, divorce, PTSD, natural disaster, poverty,​ dealing with your child's trauma, life-altering diagnosis

  • Overcoming Loss

    • Such as a parent, sibling, child, partner, close friend, or fellow soldier.​

  • Battling mental illness or mood disorders

    • Techniques used to achieve goals and succeed

  • Battling discrimination and social injustice

    • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious discrimination​

  • Coping techniques for depression and anxiety

    • Teaching a craft, skill,  or art. (We do accept video)​

    • Strategies for positive self-perception

    • Original recipes, knitting/crochet/sewing patterns

  • Reviews of media pertaining to the aforementioned topics

    • Books, articles, movies, TV, podcasts​

  • Short Stories

    • Stories pertaining to the aforementioned topics in which the hero or heroine succeeds in a goal - physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual.​

    • They must be less than 3.000 words and be a fully formed story or account. No excerpts that are pulled from another source will be accepted unless they are a fully formed story with a clear emotionally satisfying conclusion.


  • Content must be

    • free of grammatical or spelling mistakes

    • submitted in Word .docx format with 1" margins and 12-point font of your choice

    • free of explicit violence/sex or explicit language 

    • free of discriminatory or hateful language, unless in the context of condemning it

    • non-judgmental and non-derogatory of mental illness, mood disorder, and other psychological factors affecting behavior.

Rights Ownership

  • As an author, I believe in keeping ownership of rights with the author. If we select your work for publication, we ask for exclusive electronic rights to the piece for three months from the date of publication, and non-exclusive rights indefinitely, so we can keep your work in our online archives.

  • We will republish works fitting our guidelines with the expressed understanding that the author holds such copy and electronic publication rights at the time the article is published with Caterfly.


  • As a start-up and charitable contributor, we are currently a non-paying market. Although this is a non-monetary engagement, we passionately promote our writers and artists in all that we do. We can offer a limited number of free advertising spots on a first-come, first-served basis for authors promoting their work.

    • Content less than 1000 words - 1/4 page ad (provided or designed)​

    • Content from 1001-2000 words - 1/2 page ad (provided or designed)

    • Content over 2000 words - full-page ad (provided or designed)



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