Walking with Jesus - a 16 part sermon from GFCC

Recently, my mom talked me in to watching The Chosen, a production by Dallas Jenkins (son of renowned author Jerry B Jenkins) and the only multi-season series on the life of Jesus. The story humanizes the disciples, especially Matthew who is notably autistic and the one whom I most closely identify. The abstract is difficult for him too - he deals with concrete, discrete, black and white. How then do you move from that view of the world to one of faith?

I have to admit, I watched the entire first season in one sitting.

Then, I went in search of more.

I found a series at her church (Griffith First Christian Church) on Walking with Jesus by charismatic pastor Shawn Cornett. With insight and masterful storytelling, Pastor Shawn walks us through the 16 chapters of Mark. It is a chronicle of Jesus's ministry on Earth from the disciple Peter, as told by his traveling companion Mark.

I wholeheartedly recommend this series for anyone who wants to walk with Jesus through his ministry, to his crucifixion, and beyond.

Walking with Jesus (Vimeo Showcase)

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